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Airport Bench

Estimated delivery date 2024/05/27
Introducing the Airport Bench: Comfort and Convenience for Public Spaces. The Airport Bench is a versatile seating solution designed specifically for public spaces such as airports. Crafted with durability and comfort in mind, this bench provides a welcoming and efficient seating option for travelers. With its sleek design and ergonomic construction, it offers a balance of style and functionality. The Airport Bench is typically designed to accommodate multiple people, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Its robust materials and easy-to-clean surfaces ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. Whether you're waiting for a flight or simply need a moment to relax, the Airport Bench offers a comfortable seating experience for individuals in busy public spaces.

Koda Beam Seating

Estimated delivery date 2024/05/27
Upholstered seats including STANDARD fabric

Leaf Beam Polyprop White

Estimated delivery date 2024/05/27